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EWI Pro Silicone Silicate Render is our most popular top coat. The render is breathable and hydrophobic meaning it will self-clean and is water repelling. We use this render to go onto majority of our solid wall insulation jobs, but it is also very popular for increasing the visual look of a standard house that doesn't require the insulation. The render comes with the colour incorporated, which means that you don't have to get it painted every few years. We do recommend to paint over once every 10 years with our specialized silicone based masonry paint as well as cleaning with a strong hose once a year. All of our render only jobs come with a 30 year manufacturers warrantee against discoloration & cracking. This type of modern render is the best you can get on the market today, incorporating a fibreglass mesh in between two of the base layers it also makes it a considerable amount stronger than a basic system.

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