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Kooka Developments are proud to be a part of the new government 'Greener Homes Grant Scheme' (GHGS), as well as the long standing ECO schemes. We have long-standing relationships with Government funders to help the public install Green measures to their properties, in the simplest way possible. We can help/advise you, where necessary, in relation to any queries you have about our insulation measures or current government scheme criteria.

Under the new GHGS, if you own your home, you could be eligible for up to a £5,000 subsidy against “Green measures” to aid energy efficiency, which in turn reduces your carbon footprint & saves you money. Additionally, if you or a member of your household are on a qualifying benefit or have a low income, this amount would be increased up to £10,000. The amount you would receive under the new voucher scheme would be equal to two thirds of our quotation up to the above caps. You can find out if you are eligible at the following link

The ECO funding scheme applies to anyone living in the property that receives one of the eligible benefits, this is then put towards the cost of the installation measure, it is worked out based on the house type as well as what it currently has in relation to energy efficiency. We can offer a variety of measures under both of the above schemes which are; External, Internal, Cavity Wall & Loft Insulation.
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