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Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) are a legislative requirement if you are selling or renting a property. If a property does not have a valid EPC or it is leased as a rental after April 2018 then it must have one carried out prior to the sale of the house or letting of the property. EPCs are not only a good tool to help determine how efficient the property is but also offers valuable information on improvements to make the property more efficient.  As of April 2018 any landlord granting a new lease must have a new EPC and it cannot be lower than an E rating. In other words any rental property that falls into either an F or G rating cannot legally be rented unless any recommended improvements to make the property more efficient are carried out. 

Legionella Bacteria is a severe type of Pneumonia and can live and proliferate in domestic water systems if the conditions are correct . A simple risk report can identify if there is any potential risk of bacteria within the water system and provide information on how to minimise. Although a risk assessment is not legislation, it is recommended by the HSE that Landlords of residential properties undertake a report. This is because they have a duty of care over their tenants in relation to health & safety with respect to the water system, especially where cold water tanks and calorifiers exist. Although the risk may be relatively low in domestic properties, the fines issued certainly are not.


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